BioMedical and Solar Department (BIOSOL)

The Department BIOSOL provides installation, maintenance and rehabilitation of solar systems and solar input supply to customers and partners.

Catalog BIOSOL June 2013

This department is 15 years old and has a versatile team of technicians that are experienced in solar photovoltaics, radio and cold chain equipment.

Cyber café in Kindu, Maniema province

Cyber café in Kindu, Maniema province

Satisfaction of its services to customers is achieved through:

  • Listening to customer concerns,
  • Sizing of solar photovoltaic systems adapted to customer wishes,
  • Input supply quality solar with the possibility of collateral,
  • User training, maintenance of the installed system after each installation to provide the customer with a certain independence in terms of maintenance,
  • Technician training, upon request, to strengthen their capacity,
  • Advisory support to partners in the areas photovoltaic solar radio and cold.

BIOSOL is an ancient and credible partner in the solar photovoltaic sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Supply directly from our stock

BIOSOL services:

  • Solar equipment sales, retail or kit, for:
    • lights
    • medical and domestic cold chain
    • telecommunications
    • computer equipment

Design and specifications optimized to customer needs and the best value / price: € 10 package

Free if followed by a firm order!

Installation of the work: 10% of the cost of materials

  • User training: this is systematically done after each installation by BIOSOL
  • Customer Service: monitoring the operation of facilities
  • Training of technicians: general introduction to solar energy, installation and maintenance (5 days)
  • Programming and installation of radios HF / VHF
  • Repair and maintenance of refrigerators and freezers

QUALITY: Our products come from leading manufacturers in Europe.

WARRANTY: All our products are tested by our technicians Biosol.


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