Partners & links


The Ministry of Public Health in Kinshasa.


The provincial health department based in Goma


Federation of Central Supply of Essential Medicines DR Congo, is a non-profit association (ASBL) under Congolese law. Asrames is a founding member.


Asrames concern is with the quality of its medicines. QUAMED, a project of the Tropical Institute of Antwerp with funding from the Belgian government undertakes audits of pharmaceutical manufacturers, laboratories,  wholesalers and distributors. Asrames asbl is a member of QUAMED.


The Cemubac (Medical Research Center of the Free University of Brussels for its activities Cooperation) is an NGO within the Free University of Brussels. CEMUBAC is one of the founding members of Asrames asbl.

Action Damien

Leprosy, tuberculosis, leishmaniasis: Action Damien counters these diseases of poverty with all available medical means.


The site of Doctors Without Borders Holland


An organisation for training and management consultancy operating worldwide. They also have an office in Goma (MDF-AC) run by Annet Bok and Jannes van der Wijk who were among the initiators of the Asrames in 1993.

CIF health

CIF-Health is a Congolose nonprofit association, created by Asrames asbl in 2004 to ensure continuity of the training, Information, Support and Research activities that had been managed within the Asrames public health department since 1995.


An association that advocates since 1993 for the recognition of the essential generic medicines as a means for sustainable development. It is  also an international network of over 2,000 health professionals from around the world whose objective is to improve care in developing countries.


E-MED is a discussion forum on essential medicines. Its main objective is to improve the use of essential medicines and disseminate information among health professionals in countries that use this concept.

E-MED also has an English version (E-DRUG) which is available here.

The European Commission, development and collaboration,  EUROPAID: Description of projects and programs.

European Commission Humanitarian Office: ECHO. The humanitarian affairs.

USAID (the United States Agency for International Development): Description of their projects and programs.

World Health Organization

Belgian Technical Cooperation

Welcome to the PSM Toolbox website

In 2007, the WHO AIDS Medicines and Diagnostics Service (AMDS) created a platform to improve access through the internet to procurement and supply management (PSM) tools. WHO/AMDS in collaboration with the AMDS partner network developed it further. It has evolved into a database that lists available PSM tools and is presented in the form of a search engine to find and select PSM tools that are needed for a particular PSM technical area of interest to the professional.

Management Sciences for Health

This American NGO gives a support to the supply system at national and at provincial level. They have an office in Kinshasa and at least 4 technical assistants (pharmacists) in 4 provinces.

IMA WorldHealth

MA World Health, a specialist in providing essential healthcare services and medical supplies around the world, is a nonprofit, faith-based organization working to restore health, hope and dignity to those most in need. They have an office in Kinshasa from where they manage a big DFID funded primary health care program.


A Dutch organisation promoting a number of issues around essential medicines (in English and Dutch).


Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) is a collaborative, patients’ needs-driven, non-profit drug research and development (R&D) organization that is developing new treatments for Neglected Diseases.

Links to a number of other Central Medical Stores and other interesting organisations:

An African wide association of medical stores (ACAME):

The Southern African Regional Programme on Access to Medicines and Diagnostics (SARPAM) with info-hub on medicine prices:

Central Medical Stores, per country in alphabetical order:

Benin, Centrale d’Achat des Médicaments Essentiels et Consommables Médicaux: CAME

Burkina Fasso, CAMEG:

Burundi, Centrale d’Achat des Médicaments Essentiels au Burundi: CAMEBU

Cameroon, Centrale Nationale d’Approvisionnement en Médicaments et Consommables Médicaux Essentiels: CENAME

Ivory Coast, Pharmacie de la Santé Publique de Côte d’Ivoire: PSP-CI

Madagascar, Centrale d’Achats  de Médicaments Essentiels et de Matériels médicaux de Madagascar: SALAMA

Malawi, Central Medical Stores Trust: CMS

Mali, Pharmacie Populaire du Mali: PPM

Republic of Congo, COMEG: website not yet operational


Soudan, Central Medical Supplies Public Corporation:

Tanzania, the Medical Stores Departement: MSD

Togo, Centrale d’Achat de Médicaments Essentiels Génériques: CAMEG-TOGO

Uganda, National Medical stores, NMS:

Uganda, Joint Medical store, JMS:

Zambia, MSL ltd.:

Zimbabwe, Natpharm: