Warehouse unit

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Structure of the warehouses

The warehouse configuration provides a logical flow deposit products to avoid confusion between products and the status of the products (received, quarantained, ready for dispatch etc.). The warehouse is also sufficiently large  to ensure proper preservation of pharmaceutical products.
A reception areaThe volume of the warehousing space is storage is ± 5000m ³ at the warehousing facilities of CDR Goma and ± 2300 m³ in CDR Musienene. The warehousing facilities in Goma include six distinct areas namely:

  1. A quarantine area;
  2. A storage area;
  3. An area of verification of customer orders: dispatch and distribution
  4. A vault for the conservation of psychotropic substances and narcotic;
  5. A storage area for flammable pharmaceuticals;
  6. A cold room for storage of pharmaceuticals sensitive to heat.

Storage areas are all equipped with the maximum minimum mercury thermometers for checking and recording temperatures. All storage areas are also equipped with electronic control hygrometers for the registration of the air humidity.

The cold chain facilities for the conservation of thermolabile products consists of two cold rooms of  35 m³ each. One of them has positive temperature between +2 ° C to +8 ° C and the other negative temperature of up to -20 ° C. To ensure continuous running of the cold rooms, we use the local power grid with two generators as back-up.

The warehousing facilities at the CDR Musienene also consist of four separate areas namely:

  1. A reception area
  2. A quarantine area;
  3. A storage area;
  4. An area of delivery of orders: dispatch and distribution

Thermolabile products are kept at a temperatures between +2 ° C to +8 ° C in refrigerators powered by solar energy. Regular monitoring of temperature is done in different areas and in the refrigerators. Pharmaceuticals are stored on metal shelves and wooden pallets.

The storage is organised according to pharmaceutical dosage forms within which, an alphabetical order is used. The warhouse respects the FEFO principle. Fire extinguishers are available inside and outside the warehouse. These extinguishers are regularly maintained and a team is trained annually in their use. Smoke detectors are placed throughout the warehouse.

The inventory management software is provided by the “EXACT”. This ERP software includes five main modules namely:

  1. Order Management Module
  2. Inventory Management Module
  3. Billing module
  4. Accounting module
  5. Reporting Module


At the reception, pharmaceuticals are put both in physical and in virtual (in the software) quarantine until they are verified in a systematic way following the specifications described in the tender specifications and quantities ordered.

Cold rooms 
In case of compliance, the lots are released and the products are transfered to other storage areas. In case of noncompliance, the products are isolated and a written claim is made to the supplier within 72 hours.

Asrames holds two cold rooms imported from Europe and installed by a specialist. A room temperature negative, another positive temperature. Available volume is 70 cubic meters.

The temperature in cold storage is recorded by several “LogTag” which records every five minutes and the results of which are imported into a program each week. This is done because the temperature inside may be different between one corner and the other way because of storage. This is done by the  Quality Assurance unit which is responsible for the temperature monitoring. The storage unit is responsible for the stock management in the cold rooms.