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Please find information about our product range in the downloadable forms in pdf. Click on the name and you can download the file. If you do not have the PDF program, click here.

  1. For essentiel medicines: Medicaments essentiels
  2. For medical devices, trace materials, narcotics and psychotropics products and products stored in the cold chain: Materiels medicaux
  3. For laboratory products: Reactifs labo
  4. For bio-medical and solar energy related products, please consult the BIOSOL catalogue: Catalogue BIOSOL Janvier 2013.

We cannot garantee that we have everything always in stock, but please contact us and ask for availability and a quotation.

We can also organise a special order for you if the product you want is not part of our regular range.

However, please bear in mind that in terms of pharmaceuticals we will only order and supply essential generic medicines.

We also offer logistics services:

In case you are interested, please contact us.We can receive, store and distribute your products for you. For a growing number of partners (funded by the World Bank, GAVI, the Global Fund and others), we have contracts to perform all or any of these services. We can create a virtual warehouse in our ERP software so you can keep track of your stock from day to day.