You are a supplier?

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Asrames is updating its prequalification process in c0njunction with the Fedecame secretariat and BCAF Kinshasa.

Up to the date that the new procedures will be validated, all suppliers wishing to become a prequalified supplier to Asrames are asked to fill in the following request:

Questionnaire qualification fournisseurs

By clicking on “questionnaire” the form can be downloaded.

 Asrames does asks its suppliers to take note of ILO convention 182 which deals with child labour. To prequalify or to participate in any of Asrames’ tenders, the supplier has to certify that s/he will abide with the articles in that convention.

Asrames also has a anti-corruption policy. Please also take note of this policy as it concerns all suppliers and all relationships and contacts between the suppliers and Asrames staff: Politique anti fraude