Executive director

Message from the executive director

ASRAMES is a nonprofit organization that aims to make available and affordable essential medicines to the population of its outreach through training medical and non-governmental organizations funded by donors.

To achieve these objectives, it focuses its management on the principles of running a business and uses therefore double entry bookkeeping to transparently manage the different revenue and cost stream.It provides, also, maintenance and rehabilitation of solar systems and solar input supply.

We also try to maintain a close and good working relation between the executive committee, management, departments and between the different partners.

The Asrames team has extensive experience that is shared with other regional distribution centers and with its clients and its main partner, the Ministry of Health.

Asrames is recognized by the European Union as a Humanitarian Procurement Center which allows the NGOs with funding from the European Union to place their orders with us without having to go through tendering.

Our credibility vis-à-vis donors and partners has made that, to date, we performs a number of purchasing and supply contracts, like the contract with the Ministry of Finance, under the 9th EDF health program for the provision of essential drugs to health facilities in the province of North Kivu and parts of Eastern Province.

Asrames also ensures storage and distribution of medicines of some programs such as:

National programs of fight against tuberculosis (PNT)
National Multisectoral Programme against AIDS (MNAP)

Asrames has a range of different medicines and can, if necessary, provide the customers or partners, upon request with health products that are not part of our regular list.

Asrames has a well equipped warehouse (CDR Goma) in Goma where we also have our headquarters. In addition, Asrames manages a warehouse (CDR Musienene) in Musienene at 350km from Goma to better serve customers and partners in the northern part of the Province.

Availability of medicines is important but only if the medicines are of good and assured quality and when they are accessible. This is Asrames’ quest.